Gresgying to showcase 22kW AC chargers & 30kW DC charger at Lodon EV show 2023

Gresgying to showcase 22kW AC chargers & 30kW DC charger at Lodon EV show 2023
  • 17th November 2023
  • admin

As the world transitions towards sustainable transportation, the demand for efficient and reliable electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions continues to grow. In this exciting era of innovation, Gresgying, a leading player in the charging equipment industry, is set to make a remarkable impact at the London EV Show 2023. With their 22kW AC chargers and 30kW DC charger, Gresgying is poised to revolutionize EV charging and pave the way for a greener future.

Gresgying’s 22kW AC chargers is powerful and durable, intelligent and flexible for various applications: public, fleets, retail & destination, workplace, and home.

For EV drivers who require even faster charging speeds, Gresgying’s 30kW DC charger is a game-changer. Designed to deliver high-speed charging, this charger significantly reduces the time it takes to recharge an electric vehicle, making long-distance travel more practical and convenient.


Gresgying’s 30kW DC charger integrates intelligent control, precise metering, remote communication, easy installation to provide safe, stable and real 30kW charging services for electric vehicles. It’s a perfect solution for retail and destination charging.


At the highly anticipated London EV Show 2023, Gresgying will proudly showcase their innovative 22kW AC chargers and 30kW DC charger. Visitors can expect to witness firsthand the capabilities and features that make Gresgying charging solutions stand out. The booth will showcase interactive displays that demonstrate the charging process and highlight the user-friendly interfaces of the chargers.


The Gresgying team will be in London, UK, from November 28th to 30th. Join us at Booth S16 to experience our cutting-edge EV chargers up close and personal.With their commitment to innovation and sustainability, Gresgying is poised to shape the future of electric vehicle charging. The showcased chargers at the event will undoubtedly captivate visitors and demonstrate the immense potential of Gresgying’s cutting-edge technology.